Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids and Accessories

Hendrick Hearing Healthcare prides itself on offering the latest and best technology available for hearing aids in Abilene. Our hearing aids are digital and programmable, and they also integrate premium speech processing and noise reduction features. Direct-connect hearing aids allow users to connect to their cell phones and tablets. During your hearing aid consultation, we would be happy to go over these features and other available technologies with you to help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid for your needs. We also offer assistive listening devices which work in conjunction with or separate from your hearing aids to help you hear as much in your environment as possible.

Hearing Protection

For our hunters/outdoors lovers, as well as musicians, we offer a wide range of hearing protectors and listening devices to prevent noise exposure and hearing loss but still allow you to hear when needed. Noise induced hearing loss is the only preventable hearing loss.

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